FUSION SERIES                                 SLIDING PATIO DOORS

The Fusion series is designed to open up the spaces you live in.


Our Sliding Patio design system offers true high performance, superior operation and thermal efficiency, making it the perfect choice for residential remodeling, new construction and light commercial projects.

Fusion Doors incorporate multiple chambers for increased thermal performance and are robust enough to accommodate triple glazing. These features enable our doors to meet today’s stringent energy code requirements as well as the stricter codes being considered for the future.


Configurations include two-, three- and four-panel operating units with optional side lites and transoms.

This steel-reinforced uPVC door is designed to maximize your glass-to-frame ratio while offering superior durability, sound abatement and energy efficiency. Sash versatility allows multiple configurations to meet your needs.





Our Superior Surface Finish improves the  weather resistance and ease of cleaning capacity for these beautiful doors.




With glazing capabilities of up to 1” the Fusion Series provides excellent acoustical and energy performance properties.




Multi-chambered frame design

features staggered weep system channels for efficient water drainage.





Multi-point stainless steel locking bar increases security and product performance.

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