Working with Rehau, our proprietary uPVC formulation and extrusion process make superior window frames that outlast and out-perform alternative materials like aluminum when it comes to sound abatement | energy efficiency | long service life | ease of maintenance.


While vinyl is the most prevalent residential window framing material, many believe it lacks the durability required for commercial construction.


Innovations that have enhanced the structural performance of vinyl frames are challenging this perception.





Unlike aluminum and wood, uPVC is virtually maintenance free. It never needs paint, and requires only an occasional wash and wipe to clean.


Aluminum can also dent, scratch, flake or peel. uPVC resists denting and impact scratches.

Aluminum can corrode from exposure to weather and pollution. uPVC windows are not affected by the weather or air pollution. Salt air, acid rain, industrial pollution, pesticides, lawn fertilizers, smog and other air contaminant’s that are normal to everyday living cause no discoloration or structural damage to uPVC windows.

Tests using the common measure of insulating ability, the U-factor, have shown that uPVC windows regularly outperform other products because of the frame’s excellent thermal performance. The specially-designed insulating airspaces in vinyl window and door frames, combined with their low conductivity, make them a formidable barrier to heat transfer.


Compared to aluminum, a natural conductor of cold or hot temperatures, uPVC is a natural insulator. It resists heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Typical uPVC frames have U-factors that are at least 20 percent better than aluminum and are also superior to thermally broken aluminum.

Aluminum’s mass gives it good sound insulation potential, but sound can enter a building through mechanical joints in aluminum frames.  Multiple chambers within uPVC frames, coupled with proper glazing, can achieve strong acoustic performance.


Additionally, uPVC Windows and doors are fusion welded, lock at multiple points and double sealed leading to excellent sound insulation.

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